A few photos from journeys which we've
taken  in a southerly direction...
"Autumn Reflections"; 9.53" x 18.2"
(Beaver, West Virginia)
(Click any  picture to enlarge it)
"Strike Up The Band"
17" x 12.75"
(Hiddinite Museum, Hiddinite,
North Carolina)
"Footbridge, Hocking State Park"
13" x 10"
"Shopping Center"; North Carolina
This is my largest print to date, 11.5" x 35.5",
to allow the viewer to take in the myriad
collection of antique signs, treasures, and
junk all along the building
"Wildflowers"; 11.75" x 8.75"
Smokey Mountains
"Time Enough For Love"; 17.4" x 20"
This progressed from a wedding  photo of the bride, to a multi-media
piece using an actual straw hat,  back  to this photo of the completed
piece.  The hand is pressed against the cover glass of the case. (It's a
long story, concerning the odd rules of an art competition)
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