World's Greatest Wedding Cake Topper
Credit for this concept belongs entirely to our niece and her fiance,
now newlyweds.  She is from Wisconsin;  the U of Wisconsin mascot
is "Bucky Badger".  He does computer imagery;  you would find his
name in the credits for the "Spiderman" movies.
The Bride's parents recruited my wife and I to put this together...
Now, for one thing, Bucky was of the
wrong gender persuasion.  For another,
his usual expression didn't seem entirely
appropriate for the occasion...
I had always wanted to perform trans-
gender surgery on a badger....
But I'm not a seamstress;
that job fell to my wife.
The actual bride and groom were dressed very elegantly for the
occasion; but their iconic counterparts provided a delightful
touch of whimsey
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