We've all heard numerous songs about colorful small
town characters.  Sometimes the subject of the song is
eccentric, but in some ways admirable.   Sometimes he
remains unappreciated until, after his death,  the
community learns of his true greatness.

On the other hand, there are small town chracters such
as CHARLIE.   
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Push to Play the Melody

Chorus: We all knew old Filthy River Charlie;
We despised him, 'cause he was a creep.
Filthy River Charlie died last Friday;
No one in this town is gonna weep.

There were some things that smelled worse than Charlie;
He would bathe, if soap was on sale cheap.
He would spit tobacco on his wood stove,
'Cause he thought it made his shack smell sweet.


Charlie was a constant you could count on
'midst all the uncertainties of life;
You knew, if you turned you back on Charlie,
He'd say something vulgar to your wife.


Folks who really had no use for Charlie
Gave him their old clothes at ev'ry chance;
They just did it 'cause they all remembered
What they'd seen through holes in Charlie's pants.

Copyright 2005, Dean Elkins, Frayed Train Music
All rights reserved