My wife collects frogs; lots of frogs; lots, and
lots, and lots of frogs.  I tried to warn her about
the possible consequences, but to no avail...
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I was, of course, devastated; but eventually I took
some comfort in
the fact that, when I made this
photographic record of the tragedy and hung it in our
local gallery, it quickly became the best known of the
pieces I have exhibited so far.
Do you have a loved one who, because of a similar
obsession, is in danger of a comparable fate?
If you can supply me with a portrait of the person,
and the details of their obsession, I may be able to
create a document, suitable for framing, adapted to
the given case.
The morph of my wife is 12" x 28" over-all.  If I can put
together suitable starting and finishing images,  I can make
up a comparable piece for you for $100.00,  ready for
framing, or for $200, in a simple contemporary frame in
stained wood or a complementary painted color.
Shipping within  the U.S.included.
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