With all the mixing and matching of melodies and lyrics
that has been done over the years,  it's very possible that
I'm not the first to set this song to this tune.  But I have
given it a new slant with some new verses of my own.
Michael, row the boat ashore;  allelu,  alleluia,
Michael, row the boat ashore;  allelu,  alleluia

Sister, help to trim the sails;  allelu,  alleluia,
Sister, help to trim the sails;  allelu,  alleluia.

River Jordan's deep and cold;  allelu, alleluia;
It holds no fear for my soul;    allelu, alleluia.

River Jordan's swift and wide;      allelu, alleluia;
I have loved ones  on both sides;  allelu, alleluia

Won't you come, sit here by me;  allelu,  alleluia;
Your fare's paid, your passage free;  allelu, alleluia.

If you cross    before I do,       allelu, alleluia;
I'll miss you, 'til I'm there too;  allelu, alleluia.

I can see that golden shore,  allelu,  alleluia;
where we'll meet to part no more;  allelu, alleluia.

Allelu, alleluia;  allelu, alleluia;
Allelu, alleluia;  allelu, alleluia.
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Melody, traditional, "The Water is Wide".
Lyric traditional, with added verses by
Dean Elkins, Frayed Train Music
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