Pretty Boy Floyd
A couple of years ago the Lapeer Art Association
here decided to do a "monster" show just before
Halloween.  Don't ask exactly where the inspiration
for "Floyd" came from,  because I really have no
idea.  He stands about 5 feet tall; he would be
a little taller, but he slouches...
End table/Chest
Book shelves
Cabinet for cookbooks
and medical supplies
A year or so ago, on a builder's tour, I saw some furniture
that combined painted and woodgrain elements like this.
My wife and I both liked the effect, so I designed and built
these three pieces
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The Frayed Train Music Page
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The Great Chair Project
Talk about mixed feelings.  Had I realized how much of our
lives this would consume, I might never have started it. But I
can't help taking some pride in the finished product.  My wife
deserves a lot of the credit, for hours of patient, and sometimes
difficult, sewing on the upholstery.
We had just decided to have our couch reupholstered, and I
decided it  would be nice to make the chair into a coordinated
piece; but that called for total reworking of the arms.  There
are no books detailing how to make open bentwood arms
into overstuffed arms; I spent a lot of time scratching my
head, thinking and rethinking the details....
Once upon a  time, we had an old swivel rocker; it
was nice and solid, but the vinyl upholstery had
started to split pretty badly....
After pulling a few hundred
staples, it looked like THIS.
And many hours later...
We have a couch like this...
a "new" chair
like THIS...
And a gliding footstool like THIS. (Click here)