Grandpa, a member of our church's puppet
troop, with a banjo I made for him.
A few songs by Dean Elkins
You're quite welcome to add any of these to your repertoire; if you do, please drop
me an e-mail and let me know; I would just enjoy knowing if any of these are
"alive" out there somewhere.  If anyone should consider recording any of
these  (Hey, I can dream, can't I?), the copyrights are registered, so
           e-mail me regarding permission and royalties.
Oh, Sing To Me of Cowboys
Bound For Higher Glory
This One
All God's Hands
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Somewhere, Lost in the Blue
When We See That City
Rambling Gambler
Psalm 23, set to Scarborough Fair
Michael Revisited
Filthy River Charlie
Twelve Bar Blues