The Rainbow Palm
A few years ago, our local art association owned a gallery at an intersection on the
edge of town, with a substantial lawn.  Someone suggested that a large outdoor
sculpture might help draw attention to us.
I sketched up this as a proposal.  But I soon found that the cost for
constructing and installing it, with materials and finish that would be
durable outdoors,  would be far beyond our budget.
As time went by, I kept coming across the sketch.
I fiinally realized that, if it was never to be a 20 or 30 foot sculpture,
 the design  could still be executed in  a more modest way.
As completed, the piece stands 9 1/4" from the base, 10 1/2" over all. The "fronds"
(or blades, as an alternative interpretation) are cut from vinyl siding; wood thin enough
to fit right would have been too fragile, and I don't have the equipment
to work it up in metal (which might make it dangerous to have around, anyhow).
(click for larger image)
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