It's been something of an assembly-line
process,  with the first completed while
the last waited for a turn in the gluing
(Click all images to enlarge)
The result to date: seven wooden 'scopes, in
a range of stain finishes.
Each Kaleidoscope is 8 3/8" long, finished in polyurethane,
with a wrap of soft leather-finish vinyl around the viewing
window.  They use instrument-quality first-surface mirrors
to produce bright, clear images.
These are actual photographs of a couple of the endless
variety of images the 'scopes produce.  But I was
not able
to capture the true clarity and vibrancy of the "stained glass"
images as they appear to the eye.
(yes, these also enlarge)
My Home page
I had been thinking of making at least one kaleidoscope for quite a
while.  Then our local art association decided to title one of our
exhibits "A Kaleidoscope of Color.  I decided to take the theme
literally, and came up with the design for these.