No, it's not a "Gospel Song"; it's just something for fun
that includes some imagery from the Bible. By all means
teach the audience the chorus for sing-along .
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This one is just for the jo - oy of the si - inging;
Just to be singin' a song;
Just 'cause the good Lord ga - ave us mu -usic;
I hope He don't mind the sound.

We sang this one at a wedding in Cana,
When the grape juice had gone down;
Laughin' and dancin' and raisin' our voices,
'til the angels joined to sing along.

Chorus: This one....

We sang this one in Jerusalem City,
When the ark came into town;
Maybe some day I can sing it like David;
(Sing it dancin' in a linen gown).


We sang this one down in o -old New Orleans,
On the seamy side of town;
We did some things there that weren't
   really proper,
But the music that we made lives on.


We sang this one on a ship bound for Europe,
While the U-boats circled 'round;
Cisco played guitar while Woody played Banjo;
You've got one more chance to sing along.

Word and music by Dean Elkins,
Frayed Train Music,   2002.
Or click here for a combo arrangement of this song;
I really can't claim to have arranging skills,  but I have
included this to give some idea of the possibilities
I hear in this piece.