(My first attempt at a blues piece)

I'm gonna tie one on,  down at the Hitchin' Post (repeat)
I couldn't miss you more,   'cause Babe I love you most.
I wasn't cheatin', Babe;  was at the Alibi Inn; (repeat)
I got no need to cheat,  not with the love I'm in.
The Frisco Bar's in town, it's not on the west coast (repeat)
But I'm so far away,   from who I love the most.
Down at the Silver Dol  -  lar, down to my last dime; (repeat)
I haven't seem my gal   in way too long a time.
I don't know what I'll do, down at the Dew Drop Inn;(repeat)
The way she treats me, boys,  just has to be a sin.
If you need to find me,  just try Joe's Hideaway; (repeat)
I thought that she loved me; I didn't think she'd stray.
I got no one to meet,  down at the Rendevous (repeat)
Why should I go down there,  to sit around and stew?
Out at the Gold Coast Bar,  out on the far west side (repeat)
I sat there almost care  -  in' if I lived or died.
I checked out Lefty's Place;  it really was a dump (repeat)
I wouldn't go that low,   but I felt like a chump.
I drank some evil stuff,  down at the Blue Bayou; (repeat)
I'm tryin' way too hard,  just to get over you.
I never shoulda gone,  into the Triple Crown; (repeat)
It was a high class place,   and I was too far down.
My luck has plumb run out, I'm at the old Last Chance (repeat)
My heart's clean broken, girl, you'll see that at a glance.
The folks that know me know, they know this ain't no news (repeat)
I'm just about to die, from these old
I'm just about to die, from these old twellllve ba - ar blues.

Play Midi Copyright 2010, Dean Elkins, Frayed Train Music
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